President’s Message on keeping yourself accountable to your goals

HI hope you have all survived the cold snap and are enjoying this Ottawa winter.  February is traditionally the month that we truly enjoy winter – skiing, skating on the canal – it’s cold enough to keep these things going and not cold enough to keep us all inside like January can do.
Now that we are a month into the new year, how are you doing at your New Year’s Resolutions?  One of my resolutions was to exercise more and well, to be honest, I could be doing better. What strategies do you use to stick to your goals and resolutions? Whether your goals are business or personal or a few of both, I have found that the best way to meet your goals is to have someone or something to keep you accountable.  This could be your mentor in the office, the commitments you made to your staff, the pre-scheduled weekly session with the trainer, or the knowledge that your spouse just isn’t going to be happy if you don’t use the expensive treadmill that now sits in your house.
This quote from Stephen R. Covey rings true with me: “Accountability breeds response-ability.”  Having an accountability partner will hold you to your commitments.  When setting your commitments – be sure to challenge yourself but don’t set yourself up for failure.  Make sure your accountability partner knows your goals and commits to help you get there.  Agree with your partner what their role will be, how often will you meet or report in, how aggressively are they to challenge you, etc.  I wish you every success in keeping your resolutions for 2013!

In keeping with “the year of the member” theme – this month’s challenge is to consider joining the WBN Speakers Bureau.  On the WBN Home Page you will see a link to this.  Several of our members have already taken advantage of this listing. If you have topic or topics that you would like to speak on please submit your name and a brief description on your topic of choice.  This will be posted on the website for all to see, but only members can join.  Send an email to and tell us which topic you would like to have listed next to your name.

I am looking forward to the February 21st event at Rogers.  They have put together a great evening to help us learn about promoting our businesses and I look forward to seeing you there.

Be sure to mark March 5th on your calendar too for the BYA Finalist Luncheon – the exciting day when the Finalists for the Businesswoman of the Year awards are announced.

Have a great month!



Lynda Carter
2012 – 2013 President
Deloitte LLP