President’s Pen… Thoughtful Introductions Build Trust and Connection

Referrals are great – they bring in business 20 to 25% of the time. But did you know that an introduction will turn into business 80% of the time?

Hmmm, which would you rather have?

A referral means that someone says to you “I told a friend about you and they’re going to follow up.” That’s wonderful, but we’re all busy people. You’re left to hope that this person will follow up, but will they? When?

What you really need is a “trust transfer” and nothing accelerates that like an introduction. The individual who makes the introduction takes the responsibility to ensure that all parties know about the connection. It’s more concrete and it’s more likely to yield results.

When you start making introductions, be sure the two people are a good match. Here’s an example of an ideal introduction to model for how to do it right.

You know someone who is a first-time home buyer and you also know a realtor. You might not necessarily connect these two people, but if the agent you know happens to specialize and is passionate in working with first-time buyers, introduce them!

You have no obligation in this interaction and you’re not pushing anyone to hire anyone else, but you are boosting the chance that your contacts will find the right resource or the right buyer.

You can introduce them in person over a coffee. Email is often the easiest way to do introductions quickly that work. Say Tammy is the prospective home buyer and Jane is the realtor. Title the message “Connecting you two”. Put both individuals’ email addresses in the “to” field.

“Dear Tammy, I know you are looking for your first home and you want to do it right. I want to introduce you to Jane – not only is she an amazing realtor, she also specializes in supporting first-time buyers. I’m confident she would take good care of you.

“Jane, please call Tammy, she is expecting your call.”

Include the contact information for both people. End the message with “Please keep me posted as to how it works out for you.”

Even if they do not do business together, both parties will see you as a resource and a supporter. This is what we need more of in the 21st century: introductions that help everyone.

We each have a minimum of 250 people on our contact lists. With social media, that number is likely much higher, but it’s not just about numbers – it is about the relationships and connections. (Not a WBN member yet? Consider joining and grow your connection list!) Relationships, connections, and trust transfers are the new currency of the 21st century. You are building more credibility and building your own riches when you make smart introductions.

The question is, who will you introduce first?




Coach Pauline

Pauline Fleming



Pauline Fleming
2013 – 2014 President