President's PenThe WBN has been in transition over the past 3-4 years – a transition that is due to the adoption of a growth mindset. The WBN leadership made the decision to push for a strategic focus to making changes. As a strategist, I’m a big fan of looking at practically everything from a strategic perspective. Before doing something, I want to know why I’m doing it. I ask a lot of questions:

  • How does this action get me closer to my desired outcomes?
  • What are the short- and long-term expectations from taking this step?
  • Is there a different way to get to a desired outcome that works better?
  • What other desired outcomes may be impacted?
  • Is the timing right?

Whether you’re managing your career or your business, the advantages of strategic planning are clear. If you want to grow your business or achieve career goals, you need to adopt a growth mindset.

Core components of a strategic focus

The official terms are mission, vision, core purpose, and core values. The simplified version is that, when clearly defined, these components answer critical questions about you:

  1. What you are/do/want.
  2. Who you help.
  3. Why you do what you do.
  4. How you provide help.

They aren’t easy questions to answer. Pat responses don’t work if you’re committed to giving real value. Sometimes you have dig deep to unearth your true purpose. (If you want help with this, I recommend reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek.)

Establish strategic priorities

Your strategic priorities are the broad outcomes you want from your efforts. They can be 1, 2, 5, 10 years out. The point is that you work toward them in manageable chunks so that you’re always making progress.

Create an action plan

The point of an action plan is to help you focus on the individual steps it takes to complete your big picture goals and objectives. This is your roadmap – tasks and timelines that, once complete, should take you to the realization of your vision.

Moving forward with a growth mindset

If you’re serious about growth, writing down your intentions is key. It doesn’t matter what kind of goal you have, writing it down increases your chances of achieving it.

When you’ve clarified what you want to do, written it down with a plan, and you prioritize your actions to work toward the direction you set, that’s a growth mindset. Everyday, the actions you take in big and small ways will contribute to seeing those desired outcomes eventually becoming your reality.

How exciting is that?

Join us this March at the Wine Down, and the WBN Breakfast as we talk about how the WBN and you can evolve to a growth mindset to achieve your goals.

BYAs-GalaCelebrate Ottawa’s most accomplished businesswomen with us!

Every year the WBN bring the Ottawa community the Businesswoman of the Year  awards. We believe in supporting and recognizing women who have been key contributors to the business community. Join us on April 21st to celebrate our nine finalists for 2015!


Karen C. Wilson
WBN President 2015-16 Karen C. Wilson Communications