President’s Message on Balance and your January Challenge

Happy New Year to all!  I truly hope you were able to recharge your batteries over the holidays and are now back in the swing of things.  I am really not a winter person – my husband says I always walk faster in the winter to minimize my time outdoors.  On the flip side, he also says that when spring comes and the snow melts I emerge bright and full of new energy.  I know that lots of you enjoy winter so I won’t wish it away; however, as an accountant in public practice, my next break won’t happen for several months so I tend to associate spring with an end to a crazy work schedule and look forward to it immensely.

As I enter into this New Year, I personally have to think about balance.  With busy season looming amongst many other commitments and of course family, it can be tricky to juggle everything.  However, knowing this and keeping it at the forefront while doing my planning helps me to prioritize.  How do you plan and prioritize?  I make lists and block time in my calendar to help me plan my day.  I learned a while back that tackling the larger or pressing jobs I need to do in a day first helps me be more productive.  By completing these tasks first, I can give them the attention they deserve.  In the end, these jobs are better done and then I have time to address the less pressing items second.  It’s quite amazing how many of these items you can get done in a finite amount of time.

This month’s “Year of the Member” challenge to all of us is to get familiar with the WBN online directory.  In my first President’s Pen I encouraged everyone to update their profiles so that they could be used more effectively by other members of the Network.  Specifically, this month I challenge each of you to review the member directory, browse it – find someone you don’t know and reach out – make a new connection.  Maybe even post about it on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn after!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to Matthew House Ottawa at the President’s Holiday Reception. It was an evening full of excellent food, wine and company. I hope to see you all out at our January eventLoreto Cheyne will be teaching us about social media on January 15th.  This is a topic I think we can all learn more about – how to use social media for your business, etiquette and so on.

Happy January all!



Lynda Carter
2012 – 2013 President
Deloitte LLP