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Do you have trouble getting focused? There’s confusion between busyness and productivity and this can keep you from growing and achieving real results and lasting growth.

People tend to approach their “to-do” lists in one of three ways. You may find you fit any one of these profiles at different times, but which one best describes you?

  • The Procrastinator – you do something else instead of the task at hand
  • The Perfectionist – you’re not quite ready to move forward (often hiding behind perfection is a form of procrastination).
  • The Over-Achiever – you get a lot accomplished, but you never give yourself a chance to enjoy what you do finish because you always have a mile long list

I invite you to try another way – become a Positive (Profitable) Producer. Begin each day with real clarity about how you want to approach life and professional goals.

The F.O.C.U.S. Formula

 F = Free Up Time Rather than time-management, free up time through more effective choice management. Before you devote yourself to a task, ask yourself if it will make a difference 5 years from now.

 O = One Action Ask yourself daily, “What one inspired action can I take that will make the biggest difference?”

 C = Conscious Choices It’s all too easy to slip into a daily routine and do things by rote. Instead, guarantee that you’re more productive and focused on what really matters by looking at the big picture. How clear are you on your vision? Do the actions you take today line up with your desired results?

 U = Utilize Even if you’re looking at your actions in a new way, you’re not starting from scratch. What assets do you already have at your fingertips? Consider your expertise, strengths, and your contacts.

 S = Simplify Make room for these recommendations by actively deciding to simplify your life and work. If you find that stress and overwhelm are constant parts of your life, give yourself permission to focus on that One Action you learned earlier.



 Coach Pauline

Pauline Fleming

Pauline Fleming
2013 – 2014 President
ProActive Business Leadership