president's penIt’s the time of year when many of us are thinking about making a difference by giving to others. Maybe it’s the thrill of the search for the perfect present. Or maybe you want to give back to a cause you’re passionate about.

The WBN and Healthy Women, Healthy Community

As a member of the Women’s Business Network, I’m proud of the commitment we’ve made to support the Healthy Women Healthy Community project of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation. The WBN is playing an important role in helping to improve the health of women throughout Ottawa to reduce wait times and increase quality of care for women with chronic health concerns and other difficult diagnoses.

Healthy Women Healthy Community is raising $20 million over five years to:

  • Expand the minimally invasive surgical suite at the Shirley E. Greenberg Women’s Health,
  • Increase training in minimally invasive gynecological procedures,
  • Build a new and expanded Breast Health Centre at the General Campus,
  • Expand The Ottawa Hospital’s Robotic Surgery Program, and
  • Expand the surgical space at the General Campus to consolidate all breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery in one location.

Visit the HWHC website to learn more.

Making a difference together

As a network, we’ve come together in the past 18 months to help raise more awareness of the work that HWHC is doing to improve access to care for women, as well as making monetary contributions of over $54,000 just in the last 18 months. What an amazing effort to improving healthcare for women in Ottawa!

Making a difference

Please join me at the President’s Holiday Reception

I’m happy to share that a portion of each ticket purchased for the President’s Holiday Reception (December 16, 4:30-6:30pm) will go to HWHC in our continuing effort to support the work they’re doing. We’ve also included a link on our event registration page for members and guests to make additional donations.

Our theme this month, “making a difference”, can be interpreted broadly. Individually, we can make a difference for other individuals and groups of all sizes through commitment to various causes we care about. Working together, our impact expands and multiplies throughout the whole year.

Whatever cause you support, my hope for you this season is that you will find fulfillment and joy as you work to make a difference in your unique way.

And don’t forget to end your WBN year with our Breakfast Mix and Mingle on the 21st. Because of the holidays, we’re holding our breakfast earlier than usual, so be sure to mark the right date in your calendar!

Happy Holidays!

Karen Wilson WBN President 2015-16

Karen Wilson
WBN President 2015-16