President’s Message… Inspired Business Women Evolve 

Evolve As a Leader Who Makes a Difference

At our spring board retreat it was acknowledged that members join for business and stay for the skills they gain, the opportunities made available to them and the difference they are able to make with their contribution.

Entrepreneur. Business owner. Leader Who Cares.

Are these terms interchangeable? No — they are stops along your journey toward making a difference.

How can you recognize an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone with great ideas. She tends to start projects with a great deal of passion but doesn’t always finish them. An entrepreneur is filled with inspirational energy, but her fast pace means she’s often threatened by burnout.

How can you recognize a business owner?

A business owner is supported by consistency and systems. Her efforts and successes are grounded in proven, documented strategies.

How can you recognize a Leader Who Cares?

A Leader Who Cares combines all of the energy and ideas of an entrepreneur with the processes of a business owner, and then adds a vital element: a connection with people.  Such a person cares for herself first so she’s able to take better care of her people. She can trust her team to take care of her clients and customers. All of this adds up to mean a Leader Who Cares is taking great care of her business.

Your Personal and Professional Evolution

You can evolve along the continuum from the entrepreneur to the business owner to the Leader Who Cares. In fact, from experience, I believe this evolution is essential. If you do not fully transition through these stages, you build an artificial ceiling that limits your potential and your success. 

Expand and grow more by focusing your attention on your team and all the people in your life. When you place a higher value on relationships, you gain the distinction of being a Leader Who Cares. This really is the secret formula for making a difference in the world.  When you become a Leader Who Cares you’re able to create and sustain a company that cares. Compassionate organizations and the people within them always make the greatest and most lasting impact.

WBN is an organization that cares. It cares about you.

We will be conducting a member survey and need your help. We need to know what matters to you and how to make a difference through your WBN membership. Because we care!



Coach Pauline

Pauline Fleming



Pauline Fleming
2013 – 2014 President
ProActive Business Leadership