President’s Message on planning ahead and a second challenge to all members!

Congratulations to all of you who took up last month’s challenge to review and update your member profile on the website. I definitely see fewer blank profiles than were there before!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent time reflecting on everything you are thankful for. The fall colours this year are truly amazing and I hope there has been time for all to enjoy them!

For those of you in the accounting profession, the fall season is a time of preparation for the busy season that looms ahead. Hours and hours are spent on training for new developments, budgeting, forecasting staffing requirements and recruiting, and working ahead on files where possible to ensure everything is ready when the busiest time hits. Do you do this in your business, do you plan or does the chaos take you by surprise? Whether it is at this time of year or another, I would encourage you all to sit down and do some hard planning at least once a year. As much as it seems like schoolwork to do a 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year plan, it’s an important part of planning for the success of your business – and puts in place measurable targets. We all know measurable targets are the best kind – it’s easier to know if you are meeting them versus a vague statement, and don’t forget to celebrate when you meet them!

My “year of the member” challenge for this month is to contribute to one, or all, of our Social Media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the WBN blog. Being active on Social Media doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start a conversation or post – ‘re-tweeting’, “liking” or sharing a post that someone else posted creates linkages for you too. If you are unsure how to do this or get started – reach out to Loreto Cheyne, our Marketing and Communications Chair – or even easier – ask your kids, they’ll know what to do. To start a conversation on Facebook or LinkedIn  – post a status update, share a link or thought for the day. Ask questions, seek advice – you’d be surprised how many responses you get!  Here’s an idea for a post – how do you get value from your WBN membership?  Who will be the first one to post this on  Facebook or LinkedIn?

Remember the nominations for the 30th Anniversary of the Businesswoman of the Year awards are open until November 19th. We accept nominations in three categories – Professional, Entrepreneur and Corporate. I would encourage each of you to review your business connections – friends, colleagues, service providers, etc. and nominate at least one exceptional woman. Simply go to the WBN website to make the nomination. You only need to enter a name and contact information to make a nomination. Click here to access the nomination form.

Don’t miss the November event, ‘Sustainable Beauty’ at Rinaldo’s in the Market – this is shaping up to be a truly unique event and I look forward to seeing you and your guests there. Click here for more info and registration.

As always, I invite each of you to contact me regarding any ideas or feedback you have on promoting or enhancing member value.

Happy November!

 carter_lynda.jpgLynda Carter
2012 – 2013 President
Deloitte LLP