President’s Message on getting ‘back to school’ and back to a regular routine in our businesses

It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been out of school, it always feels right buying myself new socks, and some new clothes at this time of year. I run around like most parents out there, spending time getting my kids out of the carefree summer routine of later meals, even later bed times and lazy days and try to bring structure back. We shop for back to school, we sort through clothes only to realize that they have grown over the summer and need new wardrobes, new shoes, new back packs, and all the fun things they “need” so they can go forward, and move on in their education, even starting them going to bed early again so we can wake up to that dreaded alarm clock.

What about us as adults – we aren’t heading back to school (or maybe we are), but I always sense that September brings business owners and entrepreneurs a renewed focus on their business. Summer is over after Labour Day, and we are back to business. Where did we leave off? Did we work during the summer (or did we coast). There were lots of long patio lunches, networking in the summer is so much easier when the sun is shining. But September brings back the action plan… Where did I leave off, and what is left to be done. The months to the Christmas holidays will fly by, and it’s time to get back in the saddle. Structure begins at home and back at the office after Labour Day.

So – with a renewed sense of diligence, I plan my fall calendar – what events will you attend? The WBN’s AGM is first and foremost on my calendar. We are making some minor tweaks to our ways of operating the board, by eliminating the position of the Second Vice-President, a position that has been vacant for several years now. The more exciting element of the festivities will be in hearing Erin Crotty speak to us about “effective networking and creating your elevator speech”. The Program Committee’s plans for the next several months are to create many more opportunities to practice and perfect your speech, and practice networking within our WBN environment. Come out and join us and you can tick off that “expand my network” part of your to do list.

The AGM will also be a forum for us to kick off the nominations for the WBN Businesswoman of the Year Awards. Do you know an outstanding woman that would meet the criteria in the categories of professional, entrepreneur or corporate? Do you deserve to be nominated? Nominations open at the AGM – put that thinking cap on and recognize a friend, a colleague, someone you admire from afar, or yourself. Another item on my to do list – “Nominate a colleague for the WBN award” can be accomplished.

The sad side of this September personally is the passing of the torch to our incoming President Lynda Carter. Sad for me, because it has been a wonderful year where I have been able to connect with so many wonderful women, participate in many activities and tried to continue the momentum of the WBN by encouraging us to continually remember why we are part of this organization – to provide a forum where businesswomen can connect, share and be inspired by one another. I have had a wonderful time, and I wish Lynda the best in her new leadership role within the WBN. She has a great group of women who are part of this organization, so the upcoming year will be fantastic and I look forward to it. Plans are in the works for a membership drive, to encourage everyone in the WBN to think about if there are others that you know that would benefit from being a member. We want everyone to get involved, and know that in whatever way you contribute, your efforts are always valued. If you want to get involved, contact me anytime.

So I wish everyone my very best, and look forward to seeing you at our AGM, and many more WBN events in the future.



Rosa Maria Iuliano



Rosa Maria Iuliano
2011-2012 President