The Women’s Business Network (“WBN”) recognizes the accomplishments of women who live, work and play an active role in the National Capital Region across three separate categories: Entrepreneur, Professional and Company. This year, the WBN has changed the criteria for each category to become more inclusive and to acknowledge the type of professional women who live, work and play in the National Capital Region. The category criteria now reflect the more inclusive membership qualifications for members of the WBN.

Under the new category definitions, where do you fit?

The Professional category are for women who may have a professional designation and be a member in good standing of their regulating body OR she may be a member of the EX category in the federal government, a member of Senior Management or a member of the Management Cadre of the provincial government.

Who could potentially fit into the Professional category? Some examples of women who could fit into the Professional category are:

  • Lawyers,
  • Real estate agents
  • Chiropractors
  • Financial planners
  • Senior manager of a municipal sector
  • Directors of a provincial or federal unit
  • Assistant Deputy Ministers of a federal department

The Entrepreneur category is for women who are a significant equity stakeholder in her business and is actively involved in a business and has taken financial risk. If the business is a family business then the original founders or owners of the business are considered to be the Entrepreneurs. Subsequent generational owners of the business are eligible to be nominated in the Company category.

The last type of businesswoman may fall into the Company category. To qualify for this category, the businesswoman must hold a decision-making position that impacts the profitability of the company, the productivity of staff, the development of future business and/or customer or client care. As a Company businesswoman, she dedicates her time and efforts to her organization or her scope of authority includes the responsibility for the productivity of subordinates, business development or for a significant portion of clients or customers.

October is the month to nominate all the deserving businesswomen that you know. Nominate, nominate, nominate.

Link to nominations page (It takes about 3 minutes – you need your nominee’s name, email, and title in order to submit online)

Past recipients of Businesswomen of the Year Awards

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Marcia Green

President – Women’s Business Network

Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP