WBN is actively involved in enhancing relationships with the schools participating in the WBN scholarship program. Participating in the MBA mentorship program with the Telfer School of Management is a pilot project involving this year’s scholarship recipient Angela Valdes Loyola. This project incorporates the MBA mentorship program currently in place at the Telfer School of Management and includes a WBN component.

In February 2014, the WBN and the Telfer School of Management launched a brand-new partnership. Four WBN members have been chosen to mentor students enrolled in the Telfer School MBA program. Huge congratulations to Francis Mannarino, Carley Schelck, Sandra Tisiot, and Ann Max.

Program Overview:

Ideally a mentor will be:

  • A professional with 20 plus years in business
  • Well-connected in the city and/or other cities in Canada
  • Currently in a senior role – Director, senior director, VP etc. CEOs of entrepreneurial companies.
  • Most importantly a passion for coaching others about their career path, networking and be willing to share their professional life experiences to help guide students.
  • Bilingual if possible.

Expectations from mentor:

To have a minimum of 3 meetings from March until July. Have a bio or a LinkedIn profile to share with students. Feedback at mid-Point in late May, on how the process is going. Final feedback after coaching is completed. The Mentor will commit to attending the BYA Gala April 24, with their student, where Mentors and students will be recognized, highlighting WBN’s initiative to develop the next generation of Businesswomen and to promote the WBN scholarship programs.

The Mentors’ areas of expertise are from these five professional sectors: Marketing; Finance/Banking; Entrepreneur; Technology; Consulting.

Expectations from student:

To reach out to mentor for first meeting and be prepared with objectives or mentoring needs so that a plan can be discussed from the first meeting. Feedback at mid-Point in late May on how process is going. Final feedback after coaching is completed.

If you are interested or have any questions please connect with Susan Dagg Fulton 613 790 1289.