We’re excited to announce our new WBN Mentorship Program, where emerging and mid-level entrepreneurs/professionals who are seeking skills development and personal/professional growth will be paired with an experienced local mentor who is an established entrepreneur or senior-level professional (as applicable). The program will take place over 8 months, from September 2019 through April 2020, consisting of an initial meet-and-greet in September, monthly mentor-mentee meetings from October through March, and a wrap-up event/dinner in April.

There will also be three workshops spaced throughout the program, where established speakers will share their knowledge of topics geared toward providing professional development and facilitating mentor-mentee discussions. Monthly topics will be provided as a basis for discussions, along with pre-reading and other resources (eg. TED Talks).

The program will cover potential topics such as:

  • Career and business strategy
  • Goal-setting
  • Tips for giving and receiving feedback
  • Leadership/team work
  • Professional challenges
  • Work/life balance – challenges and tips

Eligibility/how to apply:

  • Mentees: We’re seeking enthusiastic entrepreneurs and professionals who are still developing their businesses/careers and are eager to learn from the guidance of a mentor. Mentee participation is limited to current members of the WBN. Please provide a resume and a brief outline of what you would like to accomplish as a mentee.
  • Mentors: We’re looking for seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who can bring value to members seeking guidance in their personal and professional lives. Mentors will equally benefit from the program through professional development refreshers, exposure to fresh perspectives, and the satisfaction that comes with helping another in their career. Please submit a resume, along with a brief outline explaining your experience in mentoring others, and the skills you can bring in helping your mentee. Applications should be submitted by July 31, 2019 to the Mentorship Program Lead at the following email address: ltippett@kpmg.ca
  • This year, the number of mentors and mentees will be limited to 24 (12 mentors & 12 mentees). Applicants will be notified pairings by early September 2019, to the first meet-and-greet in mid-to-late September.


For questions or to express interest contact Laura Tippett ltippett@kpmg.ca