We are a network of businesswomen with expertise on a variety of topics. This list of presenters represent a cross section of our membership and business acumen. If you are looking for a speaker on any of these topics, please email info@womensbusinessnetwork.ca to connect with them.

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Marion S.J Balla

Relationships – Leadership, managing change and transitions, team building, communication and conflict resolution, humour and balance, caregiving the caregiver.

Evelyn Budd

Writing – Discover the 9 KEY strategies in becoming a successful author! Publishing has changed radically and it is now easier than ever to “birth” your own book or ebook. Learn how!

Loreto Cheyne

Branding – “Brand Image 101.” Brand image & the professional “face” of your business. The impact your brand image has on your business, and the items you need in your marketing toolkit for brand image success.

Nancy Graham

Choosing a financial advisor – what can and should you ask.Ten most common msitakes investors make and how to avoid them.How to build and protect your retirement income.

Rosa Maria Iuliano

Money Matters Tax Topics – Self-employment – how you secure your way to financial success? Divide / Defer and Deduct – How to Save $$$, Annual Federal Budget Updates, Estate planning, Financial Planning.

Sheila Winter Wallace

The Meaning of Health in a Quantum World and the Genius of the Body. The Power of Normalizations to Filter the Truth of our Experience. Bankruptcy: Shape or Be Shaped by Your World.

Karen Wilson

Online Marketing: social media strategy and tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blogging for business, online privacy, writing, establishing and influencing your brand through content.

Members interested in joining our speakers’ bureau can do so by emailing info@womensbusinessnetwork.ca