Clarity in Business Branding

By | April 27th, 2018|Member Contributed|

By Loreto Cheyne Lola Design I believe business communication is really about getting your message   out understood and connecting you with the people that need you   To do that you need CLARITY. Clarity, I think, is the key to creating a great message.   I’d like to share 3 things to help you [...]

Confidence is critical to success, so make it a priority this year

By | March 5th, 2018|Member Contributed|

Confidence, for women, is a topic we need to talk about more. Raising confident girls who mature into confident women needs to be a high priority for us. Why? Because I see too many women whose lack of confidence is holding them back. I'm not necessarily talking about career advancement, though we'll get to that. [...]

The Value of “Not Knowing”

By | April 8th, 2016|Member Contributed|

It’s a hard idea to fully accept but there is great value in "not knowing." In our society, we’re so focused on knowing stuff so we appear smart and capable… being “in the know” is highly valued. The reality is that we can only grow in awareness when we start from a position of "not [...]

Attitude: The Key to Success

By | May 15th, 2015|Member Contributed|

I believe that behind a person’s success - in life and in business -  exists a positive attitude that has provided the focus required to help that person achieve his or her goals.  Attitude is the key to one’s success. Here are some of my personal “attitude check-in” mantras that I would like to share [...]

The Foundation of Multiple Intelligence

By | May 1st, 2014|Member Contributed|

For a whole lot of reasons we'll touch on as we go, I grew up tying academic achievement with my own self-worth. The better the grade, the better I was. That's crazy unto itself, but add in the fact that my peer group of friends were brilliant 'logical smart' individuals, and you are left with [...]

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