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The Value of “Not Knowing”

By | April 8th, 2016|Member Contributed|

It’s a hard idea to fully accept but there is great value in "not knowing." In our society, we’re so focused on knowing stuff so we appear smart and capable… being “in the know” is highly valued. The reality is that we can only grow in awareness when we start from a position of "not [...]

President’s Pen: The art of selling you and your business

By | October 2nd, 2015|Newsletter, President's View|

September was an exciting and busy month for the WBN! We kicked things off with the launch of our brand new event - The Wine Down. If you didn’t make it out last month, I encourage you to sign up for the October or November Wine Down. The Wine Down format provides the opportunity for [...]

What does it mean to dare greatly?

By | October 1st, 2015|Member Contributed|

Earlier this year, I made a major change in my life. It was a decision that I thought about no more than a few short days. I left the business I started in 2012. The short length of time it took to make the decision might give the illusion that it was an easy choice. [...]

Dwell in possibility: Colouring the blank canvas of your life

By | September 8th, 2015|Member Contributed|

A few days ago, I bought my second "adult" colouring book. I'm thrilled that colouring for stress relief has come into vogue. Now I no longer have to use my son's Cars, Angry Birds, and Littlest Pet Shop colouring books to enjoy this pastime. After bringing my purchase home, I began flipping through the pages of [...]

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