The Women’s Business Network has been proud to sponsor three annual scholarships for female students in recognition of scholastic and leadership achievements.  The Scholarship Fund is generously sponsored by the accounting firm Baker Tilly Canada Cooperative (formerly Collins Barrow National Cooperative Incorporated) and is divided into three categories:

1.  A scholarship for entry level applicants for the Master of Business Administration program for the University of Ottawa.  
2.  A scholarship for a third or fourth year student in the Bachelor of Commerce degree at Carleton University.
3.  A scholarship for an applicant of the graduating year of a two-year business program at Algonquin College.

We are pleased to introduce the WBN 2019 Scholarship Recipents:

DARSHDEEP DHILLON – University of Ottawa
Darshdeep is an experienced business management professional with 19 years of experience in healthcare, including 16 years at Johnson & Johnson Ltd. She is a top-ranked performer with international, multicultural and cross functional experience, showing particular expertise in medical devices, consumer health, pharmaceutical and diagnostic businesses.
She has an impressive academic background with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Mumbai University in India, specializing in the Biomedical field; a Master of Management Studies (MMS) from the same university specializing in Marketing, where she was awarded both the Gold Medal for Best Student and the Gold Medal for Academic Excellence and is currently pursuing a second Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa with the intention of continuing her career in Canada.
CHANEL BREM – Carleton University
Chanel Brem is a recent graduate of The Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in the Bachelor of Commerce program.  She chose to concentrate in International Business to complement her passion for travel and desire to explore different global cultures.  Through hard work and dedication, Chanel successfully earned a place on the Dean’s Honour list throughout all four years of her degree, while also completing a summer exchange program in Grenoble, France to further enhance her international experience.  She is passionate about learning new languages and, along with being fluent in French, has studied both Mandarin and Spanish.  Since graduating from The Sprott School of Business in April 2019, Chanel has begun the exciting journey of discovering what career path she is passionate about by embracing any opportunity to gain work and life experience.
EPIPHANIA KWARI – Algonquin College 
Epiphania Kwari was born in Zimbabwe and graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 2004 with a degree in Accounting. She was then recruited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trained as a diplomat.  In 2007, she was posted to Canada and worked in the accounting and administration department of her Embassy.  After eight and a half years in Ottawa, Epie returned to Harare, Zimbabwe.

Given her positive experience in Canada, and the potential for interesting work opportunities, Epie decided to return to Canada in 2016 and apply for permanent residence status.  To enhance her skills and facilitate her entrance into the local work force, Epie decided to pursue further studies in the field of business.  By the Fall of 2017, she had completed the pre-requisites for her proposed program, applied and was accepted into the Faculty of Business at Algonquin College.

Epie successfully completed her Diploma in Business Accounting and graduated with honours in April of 2019. She has since started working as an Accounting Technician at MNP LLP (previously known as Meyers Norris Penny), Ottawa. Epie is excited about this phase of her life and hopes to gain as much experience as possible in her field while enjoying her new home – Ottawa.