April Scott-Clarke
Owner/Content Specialist
ASC Media

I’m an outgoing person with a varied skill set, and that is directly reflected in the work that comes out of ASC Media. 
As the sole writer for ASC Media, I produce articles, blogs and marketing copy for all mediums — that includes content for Facebook and Twitter. I enjoy working with small businesses to help spread their messages, clarify their voices and engage their audiences. 
Web content is my passion, and doing it well takes more than knowing how to use Microsoft Word. I work with clients to help develop and manage their content from creation to distribution. Basically, if you need words written, fixed or communicated — I’m your gal.

What do you hope to give or receive from your membership in the WBN?

I joined WBN earlier this year (2017) with the hopes to build partnerships, friendships and learn from other business women and entrepreneurs.

What’s the business advice you would give today to your younger self?

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Do what you know and expand your service offerings as you learn and grow.

Who would be invited to your dream dinner party?

This is a hard one for me. I don’t idolize famous people. I do have many successful friends and family members, though. My dream dinner party would have all my friends gathered around a big table, chatting, sipping their drink of choice and snacking on hors d’oeuvres. Asking real questions and getting real answers and feedback from those I trust has more benefits than getting stock answers from strangers that I will never speak with again.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I hunt, fish and keep chickens in my backyard.


Email:  april@ascottclarkemedia.com
Website: ascottclarkemedia.com
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/aprilscottclarke/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ascottclarkemedia/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AScott_Clarke
Telephone: 647 588 9470 (cell) / 613 489 2459 (home/office)