September 2015 was really hard for me. At the end of that lovely month, as the heat of summer was still present but the chill of fall was in the air, my mother died. It was unexpected and heart breaking. Usually an outgoing person with a full roster, I pulled into my shell and stayed there.

I let my clientele drop down to two private clients (it’s usually 10) and kept my one big corporate client going, but quietly. By the middle of winter 2016, I was good and tired of my own company and knew I needed to get out. So, invited by my lovely friend and WBN member Tanya Smith of Red Bug Coaching, I joined the WBN with one purpose – get out of my house and find life again.

In one fell swoop I joined the WBN and joined the Membership Committee as a helper. I forced myself to go out twice a month – once to a committee meeting, and once to help at the Breakfast Mix & Mingle as a greeter. Little by little I thawed from the freeze I was in, drawn back into my life as winter turned to spring and spring to the summer of 2016.

People join the WBN for many reasons. As an integral coach, what I am looking for is community and referrals to your clients who may be stuck in their life, facing transition and in need of a guide. But what I was looking for initially was a safe place to just go and quietly be among people who didn’t know my story but welcomed me anyway.

I’m not fully out of my thaw yet. I find I am more reserved than I have been in the past. But that’s ok. I’ll get myself back. I know many of you can relate. Loss is part of life. It hurts because we are connected, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Fast-forward to today and I have now taken on the leadership of the Membership Committee, helped by my energetic vice-chair Jennifer Reynolds of Fresh Legal. Former chair and fitness coach Lydia Di Francesco is staying on to be my guide, and I’m building an awesome group of helpers as committee members and my community.  

While I’ve been to many breakfast Mix & Mingles, I just went to my first WineDown and loved it! I think I’m finding my stride again, and like most things in life, I’m getting a lot out of my WBN membership because I’m now able to put more back into it. Healing is a journey, and this one is taking some time. I very much appreciate the space that the WBN creates for us all to meet it wherever we are. It unknowingly met me at a time when I was down, bereft and empty. And the community provided has been part of my recovery. And for that, I feel truly blessed.

So tell me, I’m interested: why did you join the WBN? You know my story. What’s yours?