Partnering With WBN – 2021

At a Glance

  • Ottawa’s longest-standing professional association for women
  • 240+ active members and growing
  • Increased attendance and expanded reach with online events
  • Corporate and entrepreneur sectors well-represented
  • Build your brand, collaborate with your community and reach a dedicated audience
  • Multiple opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships, at all levels

Let’s Talk About You

You need to promote your business, foster good relations and connect with people in your community. But resources are tight, the pandemic has shifted the business landscape and the usual vehicles aren’t available any more.

Perhaps you’re looking to become more involved in community partnerships by partnering with worthwhile causes. It’s an industry-crossing trend – customers are increasingly curious about brand values and want to show their support through their patronage.

You’ve come to the right place. Established in 1981, the Women’s Business Network (WBN) is Ottawa’s longest-standing and most established professional association for women in all sectors. With more than 240 dedicated members, WBN’s reach is growing due to virtual events – more people can participate from more locations. We have many exciting ways you can effectively reach a dedicated group of people across multiple industries in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

The many benefits of becoming a WBN sponsor include:

Values-based Brand Building

Corporate social responsibility moves your company beyond typical marketing, with an elevated profile for a specific and timely purpose. Receive local visibility on a national and international priority – be seen within your industry and beyond as a responsive, action-oriented partner who chooses to make a difference with diversity and representation.

Reach a Dedicated Group

With a focus on networking and empowerment, our events and programs feature the latest tools, resources and research to develop skills and knowledge for women in business—as well as highlighting and supporting local businesses within our membership. Our members are dedicated and known for supporting WBN-related partners through direct engagement and referrals.


Build and deepen relationships among other leaders in our community with a shared interest in diversity and inclusion, gender equality and continuous professional development for businesswomen in Ottawa. Connect with women professionals and entrepreneurs in Ottawa, including government ministers, journalists, emerging young leaders, academics, private sector executives, business owners, civil society leaders and heads of agencies from different industries.

After all…

$20,000,000,000,000 in consumer spending is controlled by women.

91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality. 82% of financial decisions are made by women, alone or as equal partners. Almost 66% of women say they are the primary breadwinner in their household. (Source: BMO Women in Wealth presentation, 2020.)

It makes good business sense to partner with an organization devoted to developing women’s business potential.

Let’s Talk About Us

We are entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, decision makers, leaders. We are inspiring businesswomen.

The WBN serves as a vehicle for Ottawa’s successful, dynamic and diverse women’s business community to come together and collaborate while building professional and personal skills, inspiring others and giving back to community. The business networking opportunities alone are well worth the investment.

Here’s a quick look at our members, according to a recent survey:

  • 95% have a post-secondary education
  • 55% are entrepreneurs/business owners, while 36% are corporate professionals
  • 51% earn over $75,000/year

Our members pay attention – they will see and interact with you:

  • 93% interact with WBN on social media
  • 77% attend 3 or more events/year
  • 73% have attended an event in last 3 months
  • 67% read WBN newsletters regularly

What members are saying:

The WBN leadership and members are just so encouraging and positive. During the shutdown, I had a really rough time at first, and I seriously considered just closing up the shop for good. But the WBN was a huge catalyst in me pushing through. With their help, knowing I had their support, I held on and now I know we’re going to make it.

Jen Wright, Owner of Whole Therapy

I remember the first time I attended a WBN Gala to support a client who was nominated. I was so inspired listening to all the stories that night from women who had started their own business, helped their community and were creating memories with their families. I realized I could do more – get more involved, say yes to opportunities and take chances in my career without knowing the outcome. I am so grateful to be a part of this organization of strong, ambitious women, who are not only successful entrepreneurs, but also integral members of our network who prove our potential is limitless.

Rosa Juliano, Tax Partner, Baker Lilly Ottawa LLP and WBN Past President

Almost two years ago I decided to accept an offer for a position in a new industry. My role was to form partnerships and strong business relationships that would result in a stream of referrals coming my company’s way. As I had no connections within this industry I went to Google and researched networking groups in Ottawa. WBN was the group that really stood out to me and fortunately enough there was a Mix & Mingle Breakfast the next day. I signed up as a new member and have never looked back.

My experience with the WBN has been perfectly amazing! At my very first meeting, I met a powerhouse of women. Over my past time with WBN it has been an amazing experience for me. The caliber of women who are part of this association is bar none! I have gained such an amazing network over a very short period of time, I feel so fortunate and look forward to many more years being part of the WBN.


Let’s Talk – Event Opportunities

As with most other organizations, we’ve had to adapt our events to online, virtual versions. Thankfully we’ve had very positive results – the switch has enabled even more people to participate, regardless of location! That means our audience and reach has grown, offering you an even broader impact. 

Here are some of the options you can choose from when you sponsor an event series:

Event NameEvents per yearEvent DescriptionSponsorship Price
Breakfast Mix & Mingle8
Avg. 40-50 Attendees per event
Our most popular event! Every month WBN members start the day with an energetic group of fellow businesswomen who come together to listen, learn and discuss various topics with guest speakers who are fellow members.$2400
Power Hour Breakfast4
Avg. 50 attendees per event
Our members gain practical skills and share knowledge in these sessions that help participants professionally with interesting, interactive and relevant presentations on different topics, delivered by members who are experts in their fields.$2000
Lunch & Learn 4
Avg. 25 attendees per event
An hour-long workshop where members come away having learned a skill or technique. Given the nature of this event, we limit attendance to between 20 and 30 people, to allow for a more intimate environment.$1000
Women in the Boardroom 4
Avg. 60 attendees per event
A 30- to 45-minute speaking opportunity for experienced speakers and corporate/professional women.$3000
Wine Down 4
Avg. 20-30 attendees per event
Usually held in rotating locations, our Wine Down has gone virtual, and is an informal opportunity to get to know fellow members.$2400
Novel Networking 4
Avg. 40 attendees per event
Facilitated by WBN leaders, the Novel Networking is a new approach that fosters connection and collaboration between members, who are guided through a variety of fun, productive exercises each month.$2400

Event series sponsorship includes:

  • Recognition with company logo appearing on event banner displayed at all events in sponsored series.
  • Recognition as event sponsor with company logo appearing on a minimum of 2 WBN features in the Ottawa Business Journal.
  • Logo recognition on the WBN website.
  • Recognition as a sponsor and company logo featured in a post on the WBN Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Supplied photo and caption to be shared on sponsor’s social media platforms letting your network know that you are a WBN Sponsor.
  • Recognition with company logo appearing in follow-up thank-you email sent to all event attendees.
  • Verbal recognition at each of the events to thank you for your sponsorship.
  • Opportunity for your representative to give a brief introduction to your company.
  • Opportunity to contribute relevant content related to session topic.

Let’s Talk – Program Opportunities

We also have our Scholarship, Elevate and Mentorship programs that run year-round. Partnering on programs enables us to help members and participants in an ongoing, foundational way. We have something for up-and-coming, emerging talent, as well as those already established and looking to expand their career path, whether in the corporate or entrepreneurial world. You can be part of their progress by helping them develop skills and gain knowledge they’ll need along the way.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Recognition with company logo appearing on all marketing displayed for sponsored program.
  • Recognition as event sponsor with company logo appearing on a minimum of 2 WBN features in the Ottawa Business Journal.
  • Logo recognition on the WBN website.
  • Recognition as a sponsor and company logo featured in a post on the WBN Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Supplied photo and caption to be shared on sponsor’s social media platforms, letting your network know that you are a WBN Program Sponsor.
  • Verbal recognition at our signature Businesswoman of the Year Awards (BYA) event to thank you for your sponsorship.

Scholarship Program – SOLD OUT!

WBN believes in paying it forward. Three annual scholarships celebrate the accomplishments of female students in business at Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. Since the program began in 1991, we have awarded 90 up-and-coming women in business a total of $123,975.

Elevate Membership Program – $2000 to sponsor 5 memberships

Empowering women to climb the corporate ladder, this program propels women in business, helps them develop long-lasting relationships and creates a network of people who will continue to learn and support each other. It all starts by sponsoring a membership for a deserving woman who may not be able to tap into the power of the WBN otherwise.

Mentorship Program – $2500

We are excited to be entering our second year of the WBN Mentorship Program, where emerging and mid-level entrepreneurs and corporate professionals seeking skills development and professional growth are paired with experienced local mentors who are established entrepreneurs or senior-level corporate professionals. We host monthly meetings and workshops to cover topics such as career/business strategy, setting goals, leadership, the power of resilience, life-work balance and more.

Let’s Talk

Let’s see what we can do together. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Tracy Noble
Administrative Coordinator,
Women’s Business Network
613-566-3442 ext. 230